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Sheko Beach Night: Photo Credit Byng Hum

Sheko Beach Night: Photo Credit Byng Hum

Final night at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club: Photo Credit Byng Hum

Full House at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club: Photo Credit Byng Hum




2015 Film Schedule


The HK Ocean in Motion Film Festival is pleased to be collaborating with the Ocean Film Festival – Australia, as part of its World Tour.   We look forward to seeing you at the events next year!  If you would like to be on our mailing list, please send an email to films @ oceanrecov.org   

Tickets for all events this year can be redemed in the month of April at Pacific Coffee for a 2-for-1 coffee (handmade drink), by showing your ticket from the event.  This is part of their great support for Ocean Appreciation Month.  

 Schedule information for the 2015 event (April 15-19th).  

April 15th –  Opening Night, Hong Kong Maritime Museum

6:45pm Reception, 7:30pm Screening


Tickets - $125 (cash bar), or $100 for Seniors/Students (cash bar)

Films: Are you Eating Plastic, Young Man and the Ghost Net, Clean Cross Swim, Nature Talking, Spill Busters, followed by Q&A Session on the XPrize Competition 

April 16 – The Vine, Wanchai, in coordination with the Royal Geographical Society.  6:30 registration/reception, 7:30pm Screening 

Q&A with on the main film afterwards   Price - $200 for non-members, $150 for members. Includes one glass of wine.   Non-Members can buy tickets online, Members can buy tickets at the door as per normal RGS events 

Films: Ocean Gravity, A Town Called Success, followed by a special Q&A Session with WEI CHUAN (Riyar)CHIANG, featured in the film, and working with the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute


April 17thThe Vine, Wanchai, “Deep Blue” Screening of the Ocean Film Festival Australia.   7:30pm Screening  

Price $100 Adults  $75 Seniors/Students

Films: Ocean Film Festival Australia, Aqua Screening (see films below).




April 18th - Sheko Back Beach, 7:30pm Screening

Tickets include one drink. Adults $125, Seniors/Students $100

Films:  Clean Coasts, Nature Talking, Blue Midnight, Still Swell at 85, Ocean Gravity, Are You Eating Plastic, Semporna Shark Sanctuary, Bella Gaia, Baja's Secret Miracles, Life's a Beach, Positively Kai, Save our Tuna.   Location is Behind the Bus Stop, through the village, and behind the small community center.  



April 19th – Closing Night, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Causeway Bay – “Aqua Blue” Screening of the Ocean Film Festival Australia.   7:30pm Screening

Price $150 Adults  $125 Seniors/Students  Includes a drink and snacks

Films: Ocean Film Festival Australia, Deep Blue Screening (see films below).



2015 Movie Descriptions  


Aqua Screening (April 19th, at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Causeway Bay) 6:30 reception for 7:30 screening. 

Arctic Swell, SmugMug, 8 min

Photographer Chris Burkard and Professional Surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley, and Chadd Konig brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle to capture moments of raw beauty in conditions that rank among the harshest in the natural world. 

Lightining Strikes Twice, Stephani Gordon, 18 min

In 2008, a team of NOAA maritime archaeologists discovered the first clues of the whaleship Two Brothers and began to unlock the mystery of the only Nantucket whaleship ever found on the sea floor.

Devocean, Maka Ramos, 40 min

South African born Bruno spent the majority of his life in or on the water, then in 1998 a tragic event led to a physical change with his body.  In an instant he plunged from carefree surf guide, sailor, scuba diver and traveller to the depths of despair.   Follow one man’s journey of his return to the Ocean and a new life found.

Swell Chasers, Tim Bonyton, 16 min

They come from all walks of life but are united by one thing - an unquenchable thirst for the enormous, dangerous and elusive waves. When the conditions are right they drop everything to venture to remote breaks kilometres out to sea for what can be just a few seconds of pure exhilaration. 

The Fox of Bloody Woman Island, Jamie Gallant & Vern Cummins, 10 min

How does one find happiness throughout a winter when the sun barely makes an appearance?   Could one man’s belief in his work and connection to his environment be the root of his happiness? 

Sand Art, Oceanscape, 4 min

Watch the story of our oceans unfold in this incredible sand art.  The whole creation was made in one shot as artist Olivier Ferry draws the changing landscape of our oceans, the animals that inhabit them and human’s impact upon them.

XIBALBA, Elke Specker, 5 min

Filmed during a weeklong trip to the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico, diving seven different cenotes, from deep pit cenotes with clouds of hydrogen sulphide, to spectacular cave formations, haloclines and beautiful root structures with aquatic life. This film is about Xibalba, which translates as “place of fear” to the Maya, who believed that the cenotes were gateways to Xibalba, the underworld.

Ocean Minded, Emil Sergel, 24 min

Oceanminded follows champion freediver Hanli Prinsloo along the coast of South Africa and Mozambique.  Her underwater journey takes her into the realm of Blacktip Reef Sharks, Blue Sharks, Dolphins and Mako Sharks. You will be in awe as these often feared creatures are portrayed in a very different light, one of beauty and respect. It´s an adventure full of risks and passions- on one breath!

A Small Surfer, ABC Open, 7 min

Known as the Flying Squirrel, Quincy Symonds may well be the best six-year-old surfer and skater on the planet.   The Tweed Heads local only started surfing about 18 months ago and, in a very short time, has captured the attention of the surfing world, gained multiple sponsors and garnered a fanatical following on social media.  Prepare to be gobsmacked.


Deep Blue (April 17th at the Vine, Wanchai)  

Immersion, Tim Bonython, 7 min

This exclusive tour edit of the multi-award winning surf documentary Immersion will have your heart racing and palms sweating. Discover the science behind surfing and find out what makes the perfect wave as you witness some of surfing’s greatest talents take on monster swells at Shipstern’s Bluff, about 30km off Tasmania’s south coast. Be led on a wild ride with Marti Paradisis, Tyler Homer-Cross, Mark Matthews and James McKean as they take on some of the biggest waves ever seen in the area. This intense film will leave you gasping for breath.

Variables with Kimi Werner, Patagonia, 12 min

Kimi Werner grew up in tropical surroundings in Maui, Hawaii’s second-largest island. Craving a simple and sustainable life, Kimi became inspired to follow in the footsteps of her father, a dedicated free-diver. Already an artist and chef, Kimi became an expert free-diver and in 2008, won the US National Spearfishing Championships. “The moment I took up free-diving and spearfishing again, I reconnected to the happiness of my childhood,” she says. This film follows Kimi’s journey as she strives to find her place in the ecosystem, treading the fine line between predator and prey and eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place.

Haenyeo: Women of the Sea, Kevin Sawicki, Alex Igidbashian, Daye Jeong, 12 min

For centuries, Haenyeo, or female free-divers, have collected seafood off Jeju Island, in South Korea, without the use of scuba equipment. This film documents the triumphs, trials and harsh realities of everyday life for this brave group of women. Gain insights into the Haenyeo’s unique matriarchal culture, which has changed little since the nineteenth century, as Chuwar Park, a remarkably active and vibrant 82-year-old veteran diver, takes you into her home. Learn about her culture as you dive deep into the seas upon which she relies for food and income. 

And Then We Swam,Ben Finney, 38 min

In May 2010, two friends set off to row across the Indian Ocean in a secondhand boat. Having zero rowing experience, they signed up for an organised race - only to find that a lack of entrants meant that there would be no support boat. Undeterred, but apprehensive, they set off on their 5600km journey from Australia to Mauritius.  After 116 gruelling days at sea, the duo was within 8km of the finishing line when disaster struck. 

Duct Tape Surfing, Mark Tipple, 5 min

Eighteen years ago, a car accident left Pascale Honore paralysed from the waist down. For years, she would watch her sons surf from the seat of her wheelchair, perched at a cliff-top vantage point nearby. Fascinated by the ocean, Pascale dreamed of being able to surf. With the help of a roll of duct tape and with the support her sons’ friend Tyron Swan, a big wave surfer and professional diver, Pascale’s dream eventually became a reality. 

Sportlife Saga: Water, EyEFORcE, 8 min

Follow world champion free-diver Guillaume Néry deep below the water’s surface as he transforms the sport of free-dining into an art. Guillaume’s passion for diving began during his childhood on the Mediterranean coast, in France. Each summer, he’d don fins and a mask and explore underwater worlds with his father. At 14, he challenged a friend to see who could hold their breath the longest, and his obsession for free-diving was born. Now a world-record holder, Guillaume reaches depths of more than 100m and can stay below the surface for more than seven minutes at a time. His forays into the big blue will leave you breathless.

The Giant and the Fisherman, Manfred Bortoli, 32 min

Discover the incredible friendship that develops between two beings linked by the sea: whale sharks and fishermen. This captivating film documents the story of a group of Indonesian fishermen who live on floating platforms in West Papua’s largest marine protected area. Whale sharks enter the bay feasting on small fish and plankton, and are drawn to the fishermen’s lights and attracted by their live bait. Rather than hunting them for their fins, the fishermen believe the sharks are a symbol of good luck. For the fishermen, these giants of the deep bring fortune and guarantee an abundant catch. This film tells the remarkable tale of the unlikely friendship that exists between these two competing predators.

Till the Luck Runs Dry, Light Colour Sound, 2 min

This enchanting film documents artist Tony Plant at work. Shot at a picturesque headland on the north coast of Cornwall, in the UK, the captivating short follows Tony on a winter’s day as he creates one of his large-scale beach drawings on the sand. Visually rich footage of the coastline, headland and ocean is set to the sounds of Ruarri Joseph’s song Till the Luck Runs Dry. This film will lead you on an artistic and musical journey as Tony fluidly draws his lines in the sand as the waves begin to roll in. 

People Under the Sea, Via Decouvetes, 26 min

By placing 400 statues on a seabed in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Mexico, artist Jason Taylor was able to combine his two lifelong passions: scuba diving and sculpture. This film captures his journey as he transforms the seafloor into a huge underwater museum for visitors to explore while diving, or admire from the surface with a mask. Once underwater, the concrete statues take on a new life. Their human forms slowly become homes for marine plants and animals. Corals grow on their faces and bodies, and fish and crustaceans take refuge in the maze of newly created artificial reefs. Once there are fish in his museum, Jason’s vision to bring art into the ocean is fulfilled.

Alive - Out of Air, Greg Gilderman, Neil Katz, Shawn Efran , 7 min

On an expedition to the Arctic, seconds are the difference between life and death for marine naturalist, scuba diver and award-winning filmmaker Adam Ravetch. Adam has taken some of the most remarkable footage ever captured beneath the Arctic ice cap. He has filmed in the region for two decades and is very familiar with the Arctic’s brutal, unforgiving conditions. Despite his experience, disaster strikes as Adam attempts to capture never-before-seen footage of harp seal pups taking their first swim. He finds himself trapped under a thick sheet of ice with little hope of escape and almost no air to breath.   

Riders to the Sea, Orla Walsh, 6 min

A surfing duel breaks out between a male and female surfer off Ireland’s west coast. This quirky short is filled with breaking waves and racing hearts as the pair compete for their place in the surf. Eventually something has to give. Will the treachery of their tight-fitting wetsuits be their undoing? 


Films to be shown on nights of April 15, 16 and 18th 

Are you eating plastic?

Are You Eating Plastic for Dinner?, Andreas Tanner, 4 min

This graphical animation talks about plastic and its impacts on wildlife, the ocean, and our health, and what needs to be done to slow the threat of plastic pollution.

Baja's Secret Miracle

Baja's Secret Miracle, Eliana Alvarez Martinez, 12 min

Baja’s Secret Miracle tells the story of Mario Castro, a fisherman that decided to change the destiny of his community. The film takes us on a journey of decades, to understand how the town of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico created the world’s most robust marine reserve.

Spill Busters, Larry Herbst, 58 min

Ten teams, 40,000 gallons of oil and a $1 million prize!  In the wake of the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the XPRIZE Foundation launches a first-of-its-kind oil spill cleanup competition, the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.  Its goal: to revolutionize an oil spill industry that hasn't budged in decades.  From major firms to garage tinkerers, over 300 teams enter but only ten are chosen to compete head-to-head in a race to sweep a 700 foot test tank clean.  Winning the prize means tripling the world record for surface oil collection -- a nearly impossible goal, according to the experts.  But as with so many X Prizes, tomorrow's breakthroughs start as today's crazy ideas, and nothing is ever truly impossible.  Through the efforts of ten dogged competitors, that record will be shattered many times over, and the human race will get a remarkable new set of tools to battle oil spills of the future.

A Town Called Success, Frank Smith / Jessie Shih, 75 min

A Town Called Success follows the lives of a group of s follows the lives of a group of harpoon fishermen from Chenggong (literally known as “Success”), Taiwan. In their late 50’s and 60’s, these men battle giant Marlin in high seas and storms with a 20-kilo spear and their ability to spot a fin in the dark waters. No sonar, no industrial equipment – just the skill of a hunter. The crew’s captain Chen Yong Fu is a local legend – but in a dying trade.

The crew is joined by a local scientist who is fighting to protect the majestic Marlin and Swordfish that thrive in Taiwan’s waters, together fishermen and scientist have created a unique Taiwanese story.

Ocean Gravity

Life is a Beach, Edwn Lee, 8 min

A man is washed ashore on what he thought was a remote island, but after trying to survive, he runs into some local beach cleanup volunteers, only to find that he is on Lamma Island, in his own country.  

Ocean Gravity

Ocean Gravity, Guilaumme Nery, Julie Cautier, 3:30 min

This is a film about a free diver, and him floating in the ocean currents, along a wall, and at the bottom, using ocean gravity as his medium for expression.

The Clean Cross Swim, Scubazoo, 18 min

The Clean Cross Swim is about the record breaking swim by Simon Holliday across the Pearl River Delta, from Lantau Island to Macau, in May, 2014.  The swim was to raise awareness for ocean protection, and includes a beautiful scene with Chinese White Dolphins that were encountered during the crossing

Semporna Shark Sanctuary, Cara Morrison and Scubazoo, 8 min

The importance of sharks to the natural environment of the Semporna Shark Sanctuary, how they impact the reef (in a good way), and how the local economy supports this park location.

Positively Kai, Red Bull Team, 8 min

Kai Lenny is one of the world’s best ocean athletes, and one of the youngest.  He takes on one of the biggest days in history of the famous wave in Hawaii, called “Jaws”.

Midnight Blue, David Myriam, 8 min

This ecological tale takes us to the heart of the underwater world, between night and light, following the rhythm of a whale's meditations, a privileged witness of human activity on the oceans.

Saving Our Tuna, United Nations Development Program, 23 min

More than 4.5 million tons of tuna are caught each year as part of a $5 billion industry that is an economic lifeline for Pacific island countries. But for how much longer?

Saving our Tuna, takes you to the richest fishing grounds on the planet, where fleets of fishing vessels equipped with sonar, and sophisticated satellite tracking devices are catching millions of tons of tuna, making it the third most harvested fish in the ocean. The race is on to see if technology can also help save a commodity that is a way of life for so many. Harvest rates have been increasing dramatically over the last decade, placing pressure on a resource that is vital as a food source and an important means of livelihood. 

Still Swell at 85, Dean Saffron, 4 min

The nickname Magoo conjures up images of a well-intentioned, but incapable character, bumbling through life’s daily adventures, even for those too young to have been exposed to the iconic cartoon.   While Barry ‘Magoo” McGuigan is a lovable spirit, this is where the similarity ends, as being Australia’s oldest competitive surfer generates extreme focus.  This short piece explores Magoo’s perception of being involved with surfing since the advent of the sport and the deeply personal ways that surfing has shaped his philosophy to life.  Unassuming in nature, Magoo is a man of few words, but his message is profound.  

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