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Sea Change for Marine Litter

By Nikki Stancich

- Published on April 12, 2013 by ENDS Europe

An article by Nikki Stancich has been published in ENDS Europe (Europe's environmental news and information service) on the far- reaching implications of the waste in our oceans and seas, and how PDP can help. The article highlig…

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United Nations Environment Programme


- Published on April 9, 2013 by United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme has declared its link and active connection between the work of the Plastic Disclosure Project and the work of UNEP to encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, info…

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Assembly Bill Would Cut Plastic Trash to Ocean

By Deborah Sullivan Brennan

- Published on February 25, 2013 by U-T San Diego

An interesting article on the spread of government reforms on plastic waste management and reduction. The bill that has been introduced in the US, follows the line that the cost of controlling pollution should be the responsibilit…

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Paragon Communications

By Anna Clark

- Published on December 10, 2012 by Paragon Communications

Paragon Communications, Inc., one of the nation’s largest remanufacturers of enterprise and consumer electronics, has partnered with the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) to track and improve its plastic waste stream. Building on a…

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