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Pick Me Up Bags

"PICK ME UP" Beach Bags- Unique beach bags made from recycled plastic bottles, bringing Pride to the Outdoors.  These can be used when you walk on the beach, in the mountains, or are even Stand Up Paddling.  How often have you been on a walk and wanted to pick up some trash, but did not have an easy place to put it?  The Pick Me Up Bags now give you no excuse to not "cross that line" of being proud of your Pick-Up activities outdoors, so you can leave your favorite place cleaner than when you left it.  See information below, as well as videos.  We have bags in different styles, including ones hand-made in Cambodia out of old rice sacks, fish-feed bags and cement bags, or out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, or also from old sail cloth and kite material.





Thanks to Hill Siu and the team at Kitesurfing for the Ocean which is helping to support our work at Ocean Recovery Alliance with some cool Kite challenge events.  This has started in Hong Kong, but they are expanding it to other countries, and they have also donated a number of old kites so that we can make these cool new Pick Me Up Bags for the paddling community.   Great way to circulate materials between watersports!!!  

Bags can also be branded for company events, sports events or NGOs and fundraising activities.  Let us know you are interested to know more. info@oceanrecov.org

Co-branded product example: Schroders



Co-branded product example: Volcom


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