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World Oceans Day 'Oceanic Big Five' Clean-ups

- Date: June 8, 2021. Worldwide

Get Oceanized!  Even with social distancing, you can still be part of the "Oceanic Big Five” which brings together to top five sports users of the ocean to celebrate World Oceans Day, which is every year, on June 8th. These top sp…

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Special Ocean Breakfast Weekend - MAD About the Ocean

- Date: April 3, 2021. Babacio Restaurant, Hong Kong

Come get Oceanized!  Join us for a cool special Easter Ocean breakfast weekend at Babacio on April 3rd and 4th to support the ocean, and have a great breakfast along the way! You migth also like our MAD About the Ocean trailer, w…

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Make the Case Final Competition - Live on Youtube

- Date: March 30, 2021. Live on Youtube - Global, from the Goa Institute of Management, India

TUNE IN LIVE HERE at 6:30pm Hong Kong Time (4pm India) “Make the Case”  Reducing, Reuse, Recycle (and Replicate) Plastic Waste Solutions in India” A Case Writing Competition PURPOSE OF THE "MAKE THE CASE" COMPETITION To …

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ATIR Global Erg Challenge Hong Kong

- Date: November 9, 2019. Hong Kong

  We hope you can join the amazing Global Erg Challenge in 2019, on November 9th, now in its second year.  This race allows you to row around Hong Kong Island, 45km, with an Erg, from anywhere in the world, for the ATIR Coastal…

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