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G.E.M. Concert Mobile App

- Date: February 22, 2013. Hong Kong

GOING TO A CONCERT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!  See what G.E.M. did in her last 5 concerts in Hong Kong with the new app which creates a glow stick on your smart phone.  Because of this, it is estimated that over 25,000 pieces of plastic (glow sticks) were prevented from becoming trash in our landfills.  Thanks for the great participation from everyone, and spread the word, as this can be used at all types of other events!


G.E.M., an extremely talented musician and singer, is a proud spokesperson of Ocean Recovery Alliance and supports its efforts to improve the health of our ocean, with the main focus being the reduction of plastic pollution.

During G.E.M.'s “Get Everybody Moving 2011”, an average of 5,000 glow sticks were sold every night. That is over 25,000 glow sticks for just five Hong Kong concerts, producing almost 1 ton of plastic and toxic chemicals! Imagine the large amount of glow stick pollution that all of the combined concerts in Hong Kong produce!   See this film trailer by Chris Jordan, "Midway", to understand the importance of this issue and why G.E.M. is interested to help out.  You can too!


G.E.M. has created an amazing new mobile app called G.E.M. X.X.X. LIVE for her upcoming concert in an effort to raise environmental awareness and reduce plastic waste by substituting the use of thousands of glow sticks during concerts.  This cutting edge, and FREE, mobile app will allow users to explore different aspects of the concert in an eco-cool manner, without creating large amounts of plastic waste along the way.

Key features include:

• The glow stick function which allows you to join thousands of fans in a synchronized light show for FREE

• A QR code scanner which will allow you to explore hidden, “behind the scene Footage” at the concert venue

• Instant access to the G.E.M. X.X.X. Live merchandise page

Join G.E.M.’s fight in preserving the environment, and help spread the word about this cool new way to participate in a concert.  You won’t want to be there without it, and with it, YOU will become part of the event!

Get the G.E.M. X.X.X Live today, and get ready to rock the stadium!!!! Visit G.E.M's website for more info.

Get your G.E.M App at the following places:

Google Play Store

iPhone App Store

G.E.M. Demonstrating the App


本地著名歌手鄧紫棋 G.E.M. 加入環境組織 Ocean Recovery Alliance,並積極支持減少塑膠染,為保護海洋生態出一分力。


前年單是為期五晚的“Get Everybody Moving 2011”演唱會,觀眾經已消超過二萬五千枝螢光棒,為環境額外帶來一公噸的塑膠廢料和其他有毒化學物質。試想像,若果把全年演唱會對螢光棒的消耗加起來,會是一個多麼驚人的數字!




為了有效減少演唱會期間對塑膠的倚賴,G.E.M. 設計出一個名為 G.E.M. X.X.X. LIVE 的流動電話程式,提高觀眾的環保意識,建立“eco-cool”態度──摒棄在演唱會中使用不必要的螢光棒。




·      用家可免費使用程式中的“螢光棒功能”,取代塑膠螢光棒

·      透過程式中的 QR code 掃瞄器,用家可欣賞演唱會的幕後花絮

·      用家亦可在程式中直接購買 G.E.M. X.X.X. Live 演唱會商品





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