Ocean Recovery Alliance

Special Ocean Breakfast Weekend - MAD About the Ocean

- Date: April 3, 2021. Babacio Restaurant, Hong Kong

Come get Oceanized!  Join us for a cool special Easter Ocean breakfast weekend at Babacio on April 3rd and 4th to support the ocean, and have a great breakfast along the way!

You migth also like our MAD About the Ocean trailer, which brings three of us together, all NGOs, working on the ocean in different ways.  Doug and Andrea will be hosts at the breakfast weekend, but if you want some interesting speaking for an event, the three of us can easily give an engaging, thought-provoking, educational and inspiring workshop or session, to help you create your next program or event that's Oceanized.....focused on doing something to help the ocean in one way or another.  Contact us if interested:  kai@oceanrecov.org     Click here to see the full MAD About the Ocean show (15m).   Make a reservation for April 3rd or 4th, tables of four, at Whatsapp: 6595-9727 or Direct: 2808-1961. 


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