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Ocean in Motion Film Festivals

Special Screening of the Istanbul Ocean In Motion Film Festival

July 20th, Mitham Alam Film Center of Bogazici University, from 8pm - 10pm.  Free Entry

Come get Oceanized at the Istanbul Ocean In Motion Film Festival special screening! This is also to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Samsung Cross Bosphorus Swim, from Asia to Europe, which will be held on July 22nd. All swimmers are of course also welcome to the Ocean In Motion Film Festival.

Come feel like you are in, on and under the water, without even getting wet! You will be treated to a variety of short and medium length movies about the ocean from around the world, to excite, inspire and entertain, all hopefully helping to lead to increased awareness about the ocean and its protection. The Ocean In Motion Film Festival has been held this year in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Cambodia, and previously in Portugal as well.

Included is a trailer from our Hong Kong event, which is similar to all of the films being shown this Friday in Istanbul.

Special thanks to Bahar Ozay, Bogazici University, WWF Turkey and The Stay hotel group in Turkey, for also helping to support this event.




Bangkok and Siem Reap were hosts to their first Ocean In Motion Film Festivals in December 2017.


Join us for three days of the Bangkok and Siem Reap Ocean In Motion Film Festivals to enjoy some amazing ocean films that will inspire, excite, and enterain.  One of the main features, among many other short films, will be a screening of the new documentary “One Shot,” the life of Russell Ord, a West Australian, world renowned surf photographer as he embarks on a mission to capture 'one shot' that defines who he is. An inspiring journey about taking a chance, following your dreams and living a life without restrictions. You only get one shot at life…you have to live it as best you can.  Thanks to Russell Ord for the amazing images!

The event in Bangkok will culminate with a specially curated Ocean Experience performance, created for the Free Form Festival, which will include a live performance by Jonas Dept, who will play piano to a story about the ocean, along with clarinetist Hannelore Vermeir, currently playing with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.  Jonas has performed as a soloist in multiple venues and festivals including Burapha Music and Performing Arts Festival, Goethe Institut, Payap University, Low Fat Art Fest, Mahidol University, Alliance Francaise while he was also listed as official pianist for UK Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Ballet (ISTD), taking him to numerous countries over four continents.  Thanks to Thonglor Art Space, Jonas composed his first musical “Cocktails - The Musical” with lyricist Pitch Witwisit (Band August), which was awarded BEST MUSICAL 2016 by the International Association of Theater Critics.


More information can be found on the Free Form Facebook page or on BBKSR's site.  The event is brought to you by Ocean Recovery Alliance, and NGO based in Hong Kong, with Red Carpet Sponsorship from Braiform, and hotel sponsorhip from the Hilton Sukhumvit.  

Information on the Screenings for 2015 is listed below, with some great trailers for reference. 

Aqua Screening of the Ocean Film Festival Australia - April 17th – The Vine, Wanchai


2014 Film Festival information below


Wall Street Journal Live from the HK-SF Int'l Ocean Film Festival 2014, ocean proteciton, and a film by Lego Ho on Hoi Ha Wan.  

HK-SF Int'l Ocean Film Fest Trailer 2014


We hope you were able to see the Ocean Art Walk in Stanley last year, put together by our great partner, the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation who created a series of outdoor sculptures, exhibits and dances at the Stanley Waterfront, with the them of "The Ocean and You"  The exhibit was displayed for four weeks, from April 12th - May 4th.    

See our 2013 Trailer below, and also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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