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There's Something in the Water! Check out the Ocean in Motion press release for more info.

The success of the previous  Ocean Art Walk did not go unnoticed! To find out more about what went on during this years' events and to read the press coverage on the festival, please take a look at the links and articles below.

Media Coverage on the Ocean Art Walk

香港經濟日報: 電影節 分享海洋保育信息

蘋果日報: 垃圾升華變藝術 另類保育海洋

明報周刊: 電影:《香港三藩市海洋電影節》

she.com: Ocean Art Walk藝術展

U Travel: 海洋電影節 明日開鑼

HK Magazine: www.hk.asia-city.com

Art In Asia: www.artinasia.com

Timetable: www.timetable.com

Applea Daily: www.hk.apple.nextmedia.com

'Green' page on Chinese Sun: www.the-sun.on.cc

Media Coverage on the Film events

HK Magazine: www.hk.asia-city.com

Art In Asia: www.artinasia.com

Timetable: www.timetable.com

 News TVB: www.newstvb.com

Newspaper Articles:

New Evening Post:

Great to see some local coverage in the free tabloid that aims to deliver news to the people of Hong Kong with warmth. Local news for local people!


South China Morning Post:

Ta Kung Pao:


China Daily:

Flash on Large:





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