Ocean Recovery Alliance

5th Annual Plasticity Forum Shanghai, China - 2016 Innovation in Plastic, Design, Recycling and Solutions

By Doug Woodring

- Published on December 28, 2015 by Ocean Recovery Alliance staff

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As usual, this unique forum brings together experts across the plastic spectrum, in collaborative fashion which does not usually occur within industry segments. Learn about the future of plastic design, innovation, materials, recycling, and how to scale solutions, while collaborating on reducing the "logjams" along the way, for a world without the waste footprint.

The event brings together leading practitioners from plastic design, innovation, materials, brands, supply chains, procurement, and solutions for reduced waste in a scaled, creative manner, in a one-day conference. There will also be a chance to tour one of the world's largest plastic trade shows, Chinaplas, on April 26th, and also be part of a unique half-day design workshop for products and packaging on the 28th.

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