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Twitter Chat: Sneak Preview of Plasticity Forum 2015

By Ocean Recovery Alliance staff

- Published on May 10, 2015 by

WHEN: 1 HOUR LONG, Thursday May 14 (12am Hong Kong / 5pm London/ 12pm New York/ 9am San Francisco)

WHERE: #PlasticityForum @PlasticityForum 

WHAT: A lively Twitter discussion about the current issues in plastic recycling, closed loop sourcing, circular economy models, plastic waste to fuel innovations, recycled plastic sourcing and corporate best practice. Topics will provide a sneak preview of the upcoming Plasticity Forum, which will be held in Cascais, Portugal June 8-9. Visit our website: www.plasticityforum.com 

Watch our trailer here: http://bit.ly/PlasticityPortugal 

THE GOAL: Raise awareness of how to reduce our waste impact from plastic while creating opportunities for business along the way – turning waste into a resource.

WHO: Moderated by Doug Woodring (Plasticity Forum) and Falguni Desai

Mike Biddle, Founder & Director, MBA Polymers
Bob Grace – President, RC Grace LLC, and former founding editor of Plastics News
Don Thomson – President, Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration Bradley La Force – President, Byforce – Turning plastic waste into construction blocks
Ryan Hunt – CTO, Algix – Making plastic from Algae

PARTICIPANTS: Please encourage all relevant groups to participate; suggestions below:

• Plastic manufacturers
• Corporate CSR professionals
• Plastic recycling and waste to fuel generators
• Consumer goods companies
• Waste management policy and academic community
• National and local government management 

TOPICS COVERED: Periodic questions will be asked by the moderators to direct the discussion flow:

• What are the three materials/products that are low-hanging fruit to be brought into the circular economy “en-masse”?
• What are some examples of plastic waste that are being turned into new products 
• What are the logjams that our communities/companies are facing in achieving scaled solutions/opportunities?
• Are there new ways for sorting and collection which can help create economies of scale for plastic waste to be re-valued as a resource? 

POINT OF CONTACT: Doug Woodring, email: doug@plasticityforum.com


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