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Plasticity Rio and Capturing Gold in the News

By Jim Borg

- Published on June 10, 2012 by soest



Plasticity Rio '12 and our collaborative PET plastic bottle "capture" and reuse idea competition, Capturing Gold, are gaining steam! Watch our Capturing Gold video and read what the New York Times, the United Nations Environment Programme, and others have to say about Plasticity and Capturing Gold.  See some of our links to the press coverage. 

NY Times: "Plastic Waste = Cash Cow?"

UNEP: "Putting Plastic on the Agenda at UN RIO+20"

PlasticNews.com: "Plasticity Focusing on Plastics and the Environment"

Wharton Magazine: "The Competition to Capture 'Gold'"

Earth People: "Plasticity Rio '12: Innovation Through Collaboration at the UN Earth Summit"


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