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Ocean Appreciation Program - Funds for the Ocean

The Ocean Appreciation Program has been created by Ocean Recovery Alliance and its partners as a way to create an annual funding mechanism for the ocean, which is a perfect opportunity for companies around the world to be engaged in the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly #14, and the protection of our ocean environment.

The ocean is a key enabler of the world’s prosperity. It not only offers natural resources, but also cost-effective means of shipping goods and materials.  Today, approximately 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea, and each year hundreds of millions of shipping containers cross the world’s ocean, generating trillions of dollars in economic value.  Given this importance, however, it is ironic that there is no long-term ocean protection mechanism ensuring preservation.

Unregulated, increasingly polluted and over-exploited in some areas, the ocean takes a heavy toll in exchange for its contribution to the world’s economy. Rebalancing the ocean P&L is the rationale behind our new mechanism for ocean financing.  We would be delighted to speak to you about supporting this initiative if interested, as it could unlock large amounts of funding for ocean conservation, based on an "Ocean Appreciation Fee", just like that of a tunnel or bridge toll, which we are all used to paying, for the use of the ocean for transportation, but it is not a levy towards shipping companies.  The funds generated would be administered by a transparent, specifically designated “Ocean Endowment Foundation,” with the money used for critically underfunded marine conservation, coastal recovery and resilience projects, all while having virtually no impact on consumer prices. The stakes for the ocean are high, and this project proposal will allow for the necessary implementation studies to assess its feasibility, durability and scalability.

Image: Shipping containers around the world at any given point in time.

For more information, contact Doug Woodring: doug@oceanrecov.org

Project Partner: Global Ocean Trust



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