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In June 2021, Erden Eruc, global adventurer, will be rowing from Crescent City, California to Hong Kong, in the first-ever self-propelled Pacific crossing north of the equator.  In partnership with Ocean Recovery Alliance, this rowing adventure will help to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the overall health of the ocean.  It will be the first ever mainland-to-mainland crossing of the Pacific Ocean between the Americas and Asia. 

Click on this StoryMap Link for a great vision and explanation of Erden's expedition - Westbound Rower! 


This is the forecast for Tuesday, June 22nd. It seems that this weekend Erden will have the rowboat in Crescent City.  Starting on Monday, a low pressure system will form west of San Francisco, easing the typically strong winds around Cape Mendocino near Eureka. — 22 Haziran Salı günü rüzgar böyle esecekmiş. Bu haftasonu kayığımı Crescent City’ye ulaştırmalıyım. Pazartesi gününden itibaren San Fransisko’nun batısında oluşacak bir alçak basınç sistemi Eureka yakınındaki Mendocino burnunda normalde güçlü esen rüzgarları yumuşatacak. Ocean Recovery Alliance Doug Woodring WorldClinic Daniel Carlin MD

Erden's Introductory Talk with Doug and Joe Pre-Launch

We are excited to be collaborating with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants for some amazing live education broadcasts from Erden's rowboat as he crosses the Pacific, so stay tuned! 

Help Support Eden's adventure, to his causes, and our Ocean Recovery Alliance created education program which will follow along on his GO FUND ME SITE.  

Follow our Incredible Education Program during Erden's Westbound Rower Pacific Crossing on the way to Hong Kong, which is expected to be 10-11 months long.  This will be bilingual, in English and Chinese, in colloboration with Ocean Recovery Alliance in Hong Kong, Kids Ocean Day in Los Angeles, and the Explorers Club of Hong Kong. 

We believe that this historic crossing between the two continents will generate dedicated fans who will wake up wondering where Erden is, then check his progress on the tracking page before their morning meal. That interaction creates teachable moments to raise awareness about plastics in our ocean and the plight of all species under pressure from human activities. Westbound Rower will take its followers on a transformational journey to become stewards of this planet.

Weekly topics will include all types of information related to: Daily Life on the Sea, Wonders and Workings of the Ocean, Atmosphere & Weather, Marine Life, Climate Change,  Plastic Pollution and Anthropogenic Impacts, Safety at Sea, Survival, Sports and Training, and Food and Water.   

With the vast expanse of the open ocean, the maturity of Erden's experience (he has already circumnavigated the planet once by rowing and biking the continents!!!), his anticipated accomplishments and his conservation causes about plastic in the ocean, sustainability, an dthe health of the ocean, will raise great interest in the project.  

During his expedition we will leverage this visibility to promote friendship and collaboration between nations, and to create scientific, educational and promotional value. The Pacific crossing will be the prelude to a bigger journey with goals beyond adventure and accomplishing historic firsts.

Listen to the RTHK Radio 3 Interview with Erden Eruc and Phil Whelan from "Morning Brew", May 14th, 2021. 

 Shooting It Raw - Interview with Erden Eruc by Ran Elfassy (April 2021)

You can find out more about Erden Eruc from his Website, and you can DONATE to his adventure, his causes, and our education program which will follow along on his GO FUND ME SITE.  


The Ocean will be there even when we are gone. It is only our willingness to venture across it that brings it to life and gives it meaning. We humbly seek your participation in this story, and how we can improve the health of the ocean today, with reduced plastic waste, overfishing, coastal degredation, acidification and ecosystem loss.  

Prolonged exposure to nature on its rawest terms, and the need to navigate difficult waters which can carry an underpowered rowboat away from its desired course, require a calm collected athlete at the helm to take advantage of any breaks in his favor.

Erden knows this will not be easy, however his experience allows him to anticipate the challenges and properly manage the risks.   Stay tuned on this page for links to the Westbound Rower Education Program once the journey begins.





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