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About Grate Art

Grate Art is the local art installation project by Ocean Recovery Alliance (ORA), in an effort to help the community play its part in protecting the world’s ocean. ‘Grate Art,’ is a unique type of street art and is created from ceramic plaques designed by artists, and cemented to the streets near the storm drains to remind people not to litter, as it can impact our waterways and ocean.  ORA launched their first Grate Art project in Southern District in 2016, where students and other volunteers were invited in Southern District to participate in the ceramic plaques installation.

Grate Art Installation


Grate Art @ Tsui Ping River

This year, Drainage Services Department and ORA will co-organize Grate Art@Tsui Ping River under the Revitalization of Tsui Ping River Project. In this project, we will invite both local artists and students to design a new set of ceramic plaques to promote the message of river protection and make an art installation in the Tsui Ping River Community.

Ceramic Plaque Design Competition

In this competition, students are invited to design ceramic plaques for Grate Art@Tsui Ping River. We are looking for student artwork designs to become Grate Art plaques which will be installed on the streets near the storm drains, to remind people not to litter in our waterways in Kwun Tong and protect Tsui Ping River. 

We would like to invite students to participate in ceramic plaques design competition as part of our “Revitalization of Tsui Ping River” project. 

6 students’ excellent artwork would be selected for making the real ceramic plaques for installation on the streets in Kwun Tong District. Other merit designs would form an online electronic mosaic of images for public’s enjoyment. Each person can submit up to three pieces of artwork.  


Please click here for the GrateArt@Tsui Ping River Drawing Template, draw your artwork in the template and submit your artwork in using the "Submit Your Artwork" button below (.jpeg recommended).

Click here for more information on the Revitalization of the Tsui Ping River


 Please Submit your artwork on or before 25th March, 2022!!



Grate Art @ Tsui Ping River Ceramic Plaques Design Competition Results Announcement 

The Grate Art @ Tsui Ping River Ceramic Plaques Design Competition, co-organized by the Drainage Services Department and ORA, has concluded successfully.   The competition received an overwhelming response and most of the received designs are very creative and unique.  We would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiastic participation in the Ceramic Plaque Design Competition.   

Six winning designs were selected for making the Grate Art Plaques!   The Grate Art Plaques with these six winning designs will be installed on the streets near the storm drains, to remind people not to litter in our waterways in Kwun Tong and protect Tsui Ping River.  

Congratulations to all the winners!  Below are the winning designs.


Age Category 7-11


By: 李嘉淇 同學

Design Description: 

We cannot pollute the Tsui Ping River, but instead we must appreciate and protect the wildlife which call the river habitats home.


By: 林雪微 同學

Design Description:

"Stop Pollution!" We should not throw our plastic bags and other plastics into the rivers and the ocean!


By:  同學

Design Description:

I mainly used blue in this design, to make the red of Tsui Ping River stand out. This is a simple design, with the blue waves and splashes represent the Tsui Ping River. Above the river lies the bridge that goes over Tsui Ping River. The shape on the bridge represents the beams holding the bridge with the red dots lighting up the bridge and the river.

Age 12 and Above

By: 潘寶恩 同學

Design Description: 

My design is called {Angels and Demons}. We need to protect the natural environment and use as the society needs to have the heart of an Angel to care about the environment and other things we care about around us. We cannot use the excuse that the environment is not important and brush the problem aside. We are able to be like the Angel on the right, or on the left we would be the demons who pollute and destroy the environment around us. Here we only really have one choice.


By: 陳梓煣 同學

The good and the bad of the Tsui Ping River, and is a contrast to really show the devastation pollution can cause when we the river is polluted. So we must aim to reduce pollution into our watershed.


By: 盧欣沂 同學

Design Description:

“protect” the ocean and rivers is the focus of this grate art design, emphasising the core message of action we should take every day to protect the ocean.



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