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    Plasticity Forum throws up ways to deal with plastic waste  

    By Christy choi

    - Published on June 14, 2013 by SCMP

    Christy Choi from the environment section of the South China Morning Post discussed the 2013 Plasticity Forum and its success in bringing together entrepreneurs, non-profit groups, the government and many more communties to help reduce, reuse, recycle and recover plastic all over the world. As the forum took place in Hong Kong this year many issues directly related to HK and Asia have been brought to the fore. Read the full article here...

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    Ocean Recovery Alliance

    Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Plastic - April 10th, Hong Kong

    Join us for a big discussion on the challenges and opportunities of plastic, April 10th, at the Credit Suisse theater in the ICC Building, Hong Kong.  Speakers include Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment and  Alastair MacGregor, COO of Trucost.  Admission is free, but registration is required.  Click here for more information. 

    Be Part of the Grate Art Project!

    The Grate Art project is about street art bringing a message to the community about not dumping in our city street-drains, because those actions impact our waters.   Eight commissioned artists will create ceramic plates to be located on street drains in Hong Kong - a city whose main geographic asset is the ocean.  The project will help to develop local art/design, while also adding some interesting color to our streets, with an important, yet subtle message, of protecting our ocean.  Please visit our Grate Art page to see how you can support this great program.  

    Ocean Recovery Alliance Introduction

    The focus of Ocean Recovery Alliance is to bring together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations in order to introduce innovative projects and initiatives that will help improve our ocean environment.  This includes creating business opportunities for local communities when applicable, in order to address some of the pressing issues that our ocean faces today.

    The World Bank estimates that the production of municiple solid waste could double by 2025.  Even if this is only partially correct, the environmental impacts could be significant, as most of the countries where populations and consumption are growing, do not have nearly enough capacity to handle this flow of trash - even today.  This lack of capacity to handle our waste generation is what impacts our waters, health, city operations, tourism, and eventually the ocean.  However, if waste were viewed as a resource, we would be able to create tens of thousands of new jobs, create new revenue streams, and eleviate much of the environmental impact that waste has on our communities today.  

    Ocean Recovery Alliance has two projects which were announced at the Clinton Global Initiative, focused on reducing the global impact on plastic pollution.  These are unique, because they cut across boundaries and can be used by everyone, without the need for legislative changes, bans or taxes.  We hope that you will be able to use these within your respective communities, as they are tools which can help us all focus on plastic in a new way, leading to efficiencies in use, better recycling and waste management, job creation, and a lower environmental impact within our communities.  

    The group is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong, and is a 501c3 non-profit organization in California. Ocean Recovery Alliance strives to take a lead with a variety of existing stakeholders, leveraging each of their qualities and institutional capacities when needed, while combining forces with the business and technology sectors in ways that have not been done before.  

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    On Sharks - great news!  On September 15th, 2013, the Hong Kong Government announced that shark fins and bluefin tuna would not be used at government banquets and events.  This is a great start, but a huge number are still traded through Hong Kong, and this trade is not well monitored.  You can make a BIG difference by helping to keep the ecosystem functioning properly, and protecting sharks.  If you support the the call for a comprehensive sale and possession ban, please sign and share this petition.  There are already thousands of signatures, but many more are needed to show support for their protection. Please sign this petition today, and pass it on.  (Photo courtesy of Alex Hofford)


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