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Ocean Recovery Alliance is pleased to be working with a number of like-minded groups around the world.  These include NGOs, companies, local governments, universities/schools, associations and sports groups to name a few.  It is important to have collaboration and parallel efforts to bring a program to a respective community, and then to scale its story to other communities from there, either in the same state/country, or another country all together.   We all have similar problems, but the solutions and programs can be modified to work in local circumstances and with relevant stakeholder groups.  

Some of the projects we have worked on with other organizations include:

  • World Bank study on 3 cities in Colombia for a waste analysis in each:  Bogota, Baranquilla and Nieva.

  • Global Alert platform and app allows people around the world to report trash hotspots in their waterways and coastlines.  This was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and was partly funded by the World Bank's Global Partnership for Oceans.  It is currently in English and Spanish.  It is one of the most powerful tools today for community and government stakeholders in any watershed or coastal area to better manage and prevent plastic pollution from entering their waters.  Website and launch in Times Square, NY.  

  • Plastic Disclosure Project – waste footprinting, conducted by UC Berkeley, SF Int’l Airport, HK Univ of Science and Technology, Chinese Univ, Lush Cosmetics and others (Clinton Global Initiative project). See Website Here.

  • Helped Watsons Water to convert from 0% recycled content, to 100% recycled content for their water bottles (the first big company in Asia to do so), saving over 75,000,000 bottles per year from being made from virgin plastic.

  • Waste analysis for two buildings in Central, Hong Kong, for Hong Kong Land

  • Official Recycling partner for the Hong Kong Rugby 7s in 2014.  Achieved a 90% recovery rate for plastic at the HSBC event site. 

  • Created the Grate Art project – Art for Awareness to remind people not to dump in the drains in Hong Kong, as they lead to the sea.  Approval from four Gov’t departments (Highways, Lands, Drainage/Sewage and the EPD).  http://bit.ly/GrateArtInstall and web info.

  • Created the world’s first bring-back program to recycle coffee lids – Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong.

  • Helped to introduce waste management and plastic pollution to the APEC agenda for discussion/introduction of the topic when the Philippines hosted APEC

  • Advisor to the IUCN (Int’l Union for the Conservation of Nature) on their plastic program

  • Advisor to the Ellen McCarthur Foundation’s Project Mainstream on plastic packaging

  • Advisor to the Economist World Ocean Summit, and previously with the XPrize on plastic innovation

  • Ran four years of Ocean Film Festivals in Hong Kong (and the only ones in Asia)

  • Four years of Kids Ocean Day Hong Kong with 12-15 local and international primary schools each year, reaching over 4,000 children with school assembly talks and the Kids Ocean Day HK beach event with our famous aerial art image created by the children. 

We have worked with many other companies, sponsors and volunteers over the past six years, and appreciate all of their help and support for our work.  



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Partner Organizations

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