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Ocean Partners via Commerce


Ocean Recovery Alliance is pleased to be working with a number of like-minded groups around the world to further our collective work for ocean protection.  Thanks to the companies who have shared this vision, and who are actively supporting Ocean Recovery Alliance through sales and revenue sharing programs via the products they sell, with some of the proceeds going to our work.  Some of these companies are listed below, and we hope you can benefit from their goods and services as well.

Navicula - David Trubridge Design 


David Trubridge and the design studio he runs, using his hame, is based in New Zealand that exports globally. We were an early adopter and arguably a leader in the green movement, with director David having a deep love and respect for the environment from his time at sea with his young family. As a company, we do all we can to continually improve and adjust our operations to leave a lighter footprint. This path has been influenced by third-party programmes such as Life-Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations.  

Over the last two years, we have been inspired by the forms of diatoms and their importance in the environment. We learned that plankton and diatoms produce up to half the oxygen we breathe! Two new designs; Navicula and Maru have come from this design research. We wished to return this inspiration back to the oceans somehow and came across the great work of the Ocean Recovery Alliance.  

Through the sales of the diatom inspired lights Navicula and Maru, David Trubridge Ltd will donate $50 from each sale to the ORA. We are proud to contribute to the great programme the ORA operates. 


You can help us expand our work, and be part of the movement for the ocean by donating on Simply Giving's site, or via our Paypal or Donations Page.


Ocean Partners via Commerce

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