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Ocean Products for Sale

Ocean Recovery Alliance is pleased to offer some great new products made from either recycled materials, or which are related to some of our projects.  All proceeds go towards ocean protection:  You can order products via our Simply Giving Merchant Page.

  • "PICK ME UP" Beach Bags- Unique beach bags made from recycled plastic bottles, bringing Pride to the Outdoors.  These can be used when you walk on the beach, in the mountains, or are even Stand Up Paddling.  How often have you been on a walk and wanted to pick up some trash, but did not have an easy place to put it?  The Pick Me Up bags now give you no excuse to not "cross that line" of being proud of your Pick-Up activities outdoors, so you can leave your favorite place cleaner than when you left it.
  • NEW!! - Plastic Puzzle Series jigsaw puzzles.  These are amazing for education, awareness building, awe, and fun.  We currently have two designs, but will be creating more shortly.  Each is 500 pieces, and they are now available at the Maritime Museum Gift Shop in Hong Kong, or you can order them online by sending an email here.  The cost is HK$225/puzzle (US$28.75), local delivery in Hong Kong included.  We can arrange for overseas shipment as well. 
  • GRATE ART Collector Plaques - These Grate Art plaques are originals, made from both Hong Kong and Chinese artists who have brought Art for Awareness to the streets of Hong Kong, reminding people not to dump into storm drains. The plaques are placed on the curbs in parts of the Southern District in Hong Kong, and proceeds from these collectors sets will be used to help fund the expansion of the program into new districts, and even new cities around the world. More information on the program can be found here and on our FB Page. 
  • Baseball Caps and Polo Shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.  These are great for Corporate and sports events.  The branding can be embroidered or printed, and the polo shirts are the only ones in the world made from 50% recycled fishing nets, and 50% recycled bottles, but which feel almost like cotton!
  • THE GREEN PILLOW - made from 82 Plastic bottles.  For more information and purchasing details, Visit Here.
  • WATER MARGIN: HONG KONG'S LINK TO THE SEA - a spectacular book for libraries and coffee tables alike (Order Here).



Plastic Puzzle Series - 500 piece jigsaw puzzles that are sure to awe and educate along the way. One image is from Big Wave Bay in Hong Kong, and the other is of a boy in the Pasig River, Manila.


PICK ME UP Beach Bags - US$45/Bag (HK$350) (shipping not included)  

Bags can be branded for company events, sports events or NGOs and fundraising activities.  Let us know you are interested to know more.  info@oceanrecov.org



Co-branded product example: Volcom

Pick Me Up Bags


Cost - US$120 (HK$ 940) (Shipping not included)

Grate Art Plaques

Baseball Caps from 100% recycled plastic bottles (and feel like cotton), and Polo Shirts - made from 50% recycled fishing nets, and 50% recycled bottles. These can be embroidered or printed.   They are great for branding, events or fundraising activities.  Let us know if you want more information.  info@oceanrecov.org




A pillow made with 82 recycled plastic bottles. Waste is only waste when we don't do anything with it. What many people consider to be garbage is actually a viable, eco-friendly and sustainable resource. We are currently exhausting and polluting our planet.  For decades the textile industry has been a major source of pollution. After years of research, Vision Textiles now has the technology to make substantial improvements. They recycle 100% post-consumer plastic bottles into eco-friendly fabrics. This unique process involves turning environmentally damaging waste into useable, sustainable yarns. The recycled yarns are then combined with natural fibers to be woven or knitted into 100% eco-friendly fabrics, suitable for garments, home textiles and accessories.

PRICE: $39 USD (for each purchase $5 USD will be donated to Ocean Recovery Alliance) 

For information to buy the products, for home or hotel volumes, contact: Info@waste2wear.com



Ocean Recovery Alliance is proud to announce that it has just published a coffee table book called 'Water Margin: Hong Kong's Link to the Sea,' along with Flynn Consulting.  This is a bilingual publication being donated Hong Kong's 700 secondary schools, and available for the general public through fine bookstores and outlets such as the Mandarin Oriental and Indigo.  The goal is to bring awareness to one of the biggest natural assets that Hong Kong has - the ocean. 

To order your own copy of Water Margin : Hong Kong's Link to the Sea please visit here.

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