Ocean Recovery Alliance

How Can You Help?

The Ocean Recovery Alliance is a non-profit organization focused on bringing new technologies, innovation, ideas and collaborations to improve the health of our ocean. Our projects are both global and local in nature, and we welcome donations of any size in order to keep our projects alive.  Our two Clinton Global Initiative commitments, aimed at reducing plastic pollution, are enabling platforms that will be free to use by anyone in any community in order to help them address, and solve, some of the local issues that might exist vis-a-vis plastic waste.  

You can support the Ocean Recovery Alliance in several ways – by spreading the word on what we are doing, by offering your technologies, knowhow or ideas, and of course, by providing financial support for our efforts.  Send us a note - we'd be happy to see how we can collaborate, as we have many touch-points with community, education, science, companies, governments and innovations.  info@oceanrecov.org 

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How Can You Help?

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