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Coffee, Tea and Ocean Lovers, Rejoice!

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Hong Kong, 8 April 2015 - Innovative HK charity Ocean Recovery Alliance invites Hong Kong coffee- and tea-lovers to observe Ocean Appreciation Month this April via the new “Lids for Good” program, by bringing their used lids to select Pacific Coffee locations to be recycled. In addition to ensuring that they don’t reach our ocean, for every 10 lids collected, the Malibu Foundation will donate HK$8 to the Ocean Recovery Alliance to help further protect our seas.


“Taking care to recycle even the smallest everyday items--such as a coffee lid--will have an enormously positive impact on our ocean if we all are conscious about it,” said Doug Woodring, founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance. “Pacific Coffee’s pledge to collect lids this month will hopefully set a precedent for coffee shops around the world, while benefitting Hong Kong’s environment, and reducing its waste footprint along the way.”

Check the video below:

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