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Plastic Bottle at Beach


Every gift, no matter how small, brings us closer to realizing a plastic-free ocean.

Donate to Ocean Recovery Alliance

Plastic waste has become one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, with an estimated eleven million tons of plastic entering the world's oceans every year. These plastics break down into microplastics that harm marine life, contaminate food chains, and threaten the health of our planet. At Ocean Recovery Alliance (ORA), we're committed to reversing this trend by tackling plastic pollution at its source and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Your generous contributions will directly support ORA's programs aimed at reducing plastic waste and mitigating its impact on our oceans. ​​With your help, we can turn the tide against plastic pollution and ensure a brighter future for our oceans and all who rely on them. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to ORG's plastic pollution initiatives today. Thank you for your compassion and commitment to creating a better tomorrow for our planet.

(For Hong Kong donations only)

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