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Plastically Impossible Puzzles

NEW!! - PLASTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE Jigsaw Puzzle Series.  These are amazing for education, awareness building, awe, and fun.  We currently have two types of designs, each with three versions.  One is the "Littoral" series, from beach and water shots from different countries, and the other is the "Plastic Buffet" series, artistically laid out and sorted by the famous beach plastic artists, Judith and Richard Lang at One Beach Plastic from California, with a "haul of colorful plastic" collected from over 20 years in the same zone on Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes Seashore.   Each is 500 pieces, and they are now available at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Ship Shop, or the Maritime Museum Gift Shop in Hong Kong, or you can order them online on our Shopify Site.  Profits from the sale of the Plastically Impossible puzzle series goes to help our non-profit work at Ocean Recovery Alliance.

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