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Angkor Roo in Siem Reap

Cambodia’s most famous performing chicken, Angkor Roo, returns to the stage as part of three-day event this weekend at Siem Reap’s FCC Angkor.

The Angkor Roo story is about a feisty rooster whose beloved hen dies from eating plastic waste from the village market. He implores the Apsara god to bring her back to life. She agrees, but only if he becomes an advocate to alert the villagers to change their ways and he does this by crowing.  Angkor Roo - the Recycling Rooster, was written by Ocean Recovery Alliance to bring a unique message of recycling to villages around the world, using theater, and nature. The play is now in eight languages, bringing education and awareness to communities about improved recycling, with a message from Angkor Roo himself here in Cambodia. The theater group working under Asoran Productions, from here in Siem Reap, has also had the honor to perform Angkor Roo at the large, global UN Habitat Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2018, with over 5,000 delegates.


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