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Banana for the Ocean

Go Bananas!

A smile can go a really long way…. In honour of World Ocean Day on June 8th, please join in an easy and quick smile donation for Ocean Recovery Alliance.

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself with a BIG smile and post it on Facebook with the following code: #gbs3ocean and this will ensure that funds matched by a nice corporate will go directly to help preserve our beautiful oceans, and keep them healthy and strong.

So go ahead…and smile!!

GBS (Go Banana Style) is launching Smile for Cause Campaign 2015, from Sunday May 31st to Sunday June 14th. Several charities are taking part, and all smiles posted will be matched financially by a GBS sponsor.

3 Simple Steps:

1) Take a photo with a big smile (banana can be included for maximum effect!)

2) Upload it onto your social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the code: #gbs3ocean

3) Pass the message on to your friends, family and colleagues…

Thank you for your support for a healthy ocean!

For more information on the Smile for a Cause campaign, click on the Facebook Page: GoBananaStyle

Watch the video for Ocean Recovery Alliance here.

Banana Smiles for the Ocean:


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