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Enlightened Buyers – Plastic, China, and How to Drive Your Brand into the Circular Economy

Douglas Woodring discusses enlightened buyers, the circular economy, and the the growing global waste problem.

As our oceans get overfished, with a growing global population that is consuming many more products and plastic, we are facing a waste challenge, which may lead to an ocean with more plastic than fish by 2050. Part of me believes this tragic result will come much earlier than 2050, due to the vast underestimation of the amount of illegal fishing going on in the world today, and the lack of global capacity for recycling and waste management. The other part of me believes that we will never reach this outcome, because we are moving into an era of greater corporate and community enlightenment which will propel technological solutions into existence in a way that we have not seen in the past. This complements the fact that we are finally starting to understand the vast importance of the ocean and need for proper fisheries management.


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