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Kids Ocean Day Hong Kong 2013

More than 1000 children on Repulse Bay Beach formed an aerial art spectacular as part of Kids Ocean Day in the form of a shark with a detached fin. The children then moved in unison to re-attach the fin, symbolizing the improved health of the ocean environment. International artist John Quigley created the original sketch by the winner of the children’s drawing competition, in large scale on the beach. The event was preceded by a week of ocean talks at local school assemblies. Kids Ocean Week delivered an exciting environmental education program, which is designed to motivate children to care about beaches and the ocean ecosystem, and what they can do in their own neighborhoods to reduce the impact on our ocean environment. This included an emphasis on recycling and waste reduction, which is an important topic today in Hong Kong’s community. Kids Ocean Day is organized by Hong Kong’s Ocean Recovery Alliance and the Los Angeles organizations Malibu Foundation and Spectral Q, with assistance from performance consultancy Bonza Pie, visual and creative agency LHK Media and Tai Tam Tuk Eco Education Centre.


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