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Make the Case Final Competition - Live on Youtube

Updated: Apr 6

TUNE IN LIVE HERE at 6:30pm Hong Kong Time (4pm India)

“Make the Case”

Reducing, Reuse, Recycle (and Replicate) Plastic Waste Solutions in India”

A Case Writing Competition


  • To highlight a large number of plastic waste solutions that are making a difference in India

  • To bring attention to the very best ones

  • To showcase any and all innovations that generate plastic waste reduction results

  • To provide a list of high-impact solutions that other stakeholders in India (or globally), can replicate.


Each Case Study highlighted one project, program or technology solution. Each team used the same Case Study template that addressed the following:

  • The solution championed, its goals/objectives, data captured, and how well it was executed.

  • The solution’s background: how and when it was implemented, where it is implemented, origin/inspiration of the idea; how it helps solve the problem of plastic pollution/waste

  • What were the internal and external impacts of this solution on the organization itself, on the community; and other constituents?

  • What was the timeframe of the solution and what resources were brought together to make it happen and did the solution’s execution occur as forecast/planned, and what was learned.

  • What are the clear, tangible evidences about how this solution has benefitted the Business/Govt/Academic Institutions, as well as its impact on the surrounding environment and community?

  • How this solution is replicable and scalable by others in India. What improvements could be made to make the solution work even better and easier for other stakeholders to do.

  • What are the solution’s main challenges to overcome when implement? What are the sacrifices needed to be made in order to show results?

Make the Case was organized by the CAPP Program (Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution), along with the Goa Institute of Management, and the Indian Plastics Institute, with award sponsorship support by the Chellaram Foundation. CAPP brings together transparency, community and action to reduce and eliminate plastic waste. Members convene to discuss strategies, projects, outcomes, and research. They engage in formal training. They benchmark their performance and track their progress. They replicate and scale high-impact projects and programs with expert and peer mentoring ̶ moving their commitments into achieved milestones. The flagship nations that have joined as launching partners are Fiji, Curacao and Seychelles. In addition to the Ocean Recovery Alliance, other founders of the consortium are Island Impact, Columbia University, Influent Solutions, Frontline Waste.


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