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Plastic Disclosure Project to Debut Next Month

Inspired by the Carbon Disclosure Project, an initiative through which 3,000 companies and other organizations around the world measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and climate change strategies, Hong Kong-based environmental entrepreneur Doug Woodring is launching the new Plastic Disclosure Project. Like its forebear, the Plastic Disclosure Project is intended to get companies to give serious thought to how much plastic they use—and come up with ways of reducing it. Says the PDP’s Web site:

Just as carbon footprint calculations are commonplace today, both among industry and individuals alike, the Plastic Disclosure Project will bring about the notion of “Plastic Footprints” which will have a wide ranging impact on improved resource use. Investors and shareholders will better understand what type of liabilities might exist from a brand value and corporate operations point of view if socially responsible use of the material is not practiced.


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