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Plastic Pollution: Policy and Legislation

Policy Failures the World Over

In America, specific bins, usually white or blue in color, are often placed alongside garbage containers to collect recyclable materials like bottles and glass, and we’re expected to separate waste accordingly. The trouble is, we don’t do this as often as we should, and our policies typically lack strict levels of enforcement. Doug Woodring, Founder of Plasticity Forum, says less than 20 percent of plastic in America is properly recycled, and those not recycling at all are rarely punished.

When it comes to legislation, America usually stands on middle ground. We recycle when we feel like it or if we remember, but policies aren’t as strong as they could be. We’re something of a lukewarm nation, but is it like this for the rest of the world?

You will be able to learn from some of the global experts in plastic sustainability who are speaking at Plasticity California on May 9th in Anaheim, California, as part of ANTEC (Society of Plastics Engineers' annual event).


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