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Plastic Waste Reduction For Open Water Swimming Events

An impactful webinar designed to empower open water swimming event organizers with the tools and knowledge to significantly reduce their environmental footprint. With a special focus on combating plastic pollution, this session is set to pave the way for a more sustainable future in open water swimming events.

Expert Insights: Learn from the remarkable journey of the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race towards becoming a global leader in event sustainability, featuring guest speakers Gursel Sen (VP of the Bosphorus Organizing Committee & The Turkish Olympic Committee) and Doug Woodring (Founder & Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance).

Actionable Strategies: Discover practical steps and strategies, derived from the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP), to minimize your event’s plastic footprint and move towards a circular economy.

Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a wealth of resources, including a detailed checklist and scorecard, to help evaluate and enhance your event’s sustainability practices.

Certification Opportunities: Learn about how partnering with PDP Sport can lead to sustainability certification for your event, distinguishing it in the global open water swimming community as a leader in reducing plastic consumption and protecting our oceans.

Introduction to Sustainability in Open Water Swimming: Overview of current challenges and opportunities.

Case Study – Samsung Bosphorus Cross-continental Swim: Insights into the successful implementation of sustainability measures. Ocean Recovery Alliance’s Plastic Disclosure Project and the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-continental Swimming Race came together to create an 80% increase in plastic bottle recycling, representing 2 tons of waste reduction at the event.

The Plastic Disclosure Project: An in-depth look at how PDP Sport guidelines can transform event sustainability.

Implementing PDP Guidelines: Practical steps for event organizers, including a walk-through of the checklist and scorecard.

Live Q&A: Your chance to ask questions and discuss challenges with our experts.

Next Steps: How to get started with PDP Sport, partnership opportunities with WOWSA, and information on certification.

Who Should Attend?

Event organizers, sponsors, volunteers, athletes, and anyone within the open water swimming community interested in leading the charge towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Doug Woodring, Founder & Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance

UNEP Climate Hero, Google Earth Hero and winner of the Prince’s Prize for NGO work on the Environment/Ocean from Prince Albert of Monaco. Int’l Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame and organizer of some of Asia’s largest ocean swims. Creator of PDP (Plastic Disclosure Project) Sports program for event organizers and plastic reduction.


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