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Socially Distanced Cleanup - Water Rising Festival, Cambodia

In coordination with the national distancing rules, the Water Rising Festival took place in a new "distanced" fashion, empowering and engaging local citizens to help with a new program to complement the lake and river work, but this time for mountains "Pick Me Up, and Bring Me Down". Picking up plastic near the pagodas on the hill and its surroundings, and bringing plastic down to places where it can be carried away and properly disposed of.

We also created totally new "rice bags", which can hold 50kg, but are designed, and labelled, as Plastic Harvesting, and for plastic only. These were given to three villages, in order for the community to sort waste in a new way, so they don't dump it in the water, or burn it. They use the organics (as they should), on the land, and they put all of the plastic in the new "rice bag" - the Plastic Harvesting bag, which they then take to the pagoda or village center for approriate sorting and removal to an appvoved landfill (this is already 100% better than their existing options for waste removal). The local government immediately approved these bags, and are now endorsing them in 30 lakeside village communities, which is a huge, exciting step for the environment along the Tonle Sap Lake!


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