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SpyHop Facewear SCMP

Doug Woodring is making two statements with his face mask that’s emblazoned with images of great white sharks. First, he’s encouraging people to ditch disposable masks for reusable ones. Second, he’s raising awareness about the plight of sharks, a much-maligned marine animal.

The mask is part of the SpyHop Facewear collection released by Ocean Recovery Alliance (ORA), a non-profit Woodring founded in 2010 that focuses on improving ocean health.

Like many environmentalists in the city, Woodring is alarmed by the number of face masks washing up on beaches and discarded on hiking trails.

“When you wear a reusable face masks, you reduce the amount of waste that would be created with disposable masks and the packages they come in,” he says, adding that profits from sales of ORA’s masks go towards the alliance. Read the Full Article Here 9% of the sale of SpyHop Facewear will go to the Hong Kong Shark Foundation through the month of January 2021, because Sharks don't have 9 Lives...... Both our SpyHop Facewear and Plastically Impossible jigsaw puzzles can be purchased on our Ocean Recovery Alliance Shopify Site.


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