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"Skyscraper" - the Bruges Whale Asia Tour

– “Skyscraper”- The Bruges Whale.  “Have We Breached the Limit?” installation is a 3-storey sculpture made from recovered ocean plastic with a steel support structure, totaling 5 tonnes, is now in Singapore on its first stop of its Asian tour.  Breaching in front of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, the "Skyscraper" is designed by award-winning architects and designers Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang from the acclaimed StudioKCA in New York.  The piece is an interpretation of the theme “liquid city” for the 2018 Bruges Triennial.  Inspired by the biggest liquid city on the planet – the ocean, they collected as much plastic from the seas over four months to form the basis of the installation. 

Brought to Asia by the NGO, Ocean Recovery Alliance, StudioKCA’s sculpture comes from work with with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund whichcollected all of the plastic used in Skyscraper over a period of four months.  After sorting the plastic by size and colour, as well as working on the engineering of the internal steel structure, the firm ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the fabrication and shipping of the enormous installation. 


5 ton installation, created from plastic waste – ranging from hangers and kitchen bowls to toilet seats and car bumpers – was shaped into the iconic Skyscraper, an imposing, 3-storey tall whale serving as a stark visual reminder of the 150 million tonnes of plastic polluting our waters.  With an estimated 8 million tonnes added every year, pound for pound, there is more plastic waste in the ocean than there are whales.

Stay tuned for more information on the "Skyscraper" and events around it.  Click here for a fact sheet on the Skyscraper, StudioKCA and the work of Ocean Recovery Alliance, the organizer of the Skyscraper's Asian Tour.

PRESS RELEASE - November 8, 2019

Singapore Straits Times 

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