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Celebrate the ocean with our new SpyHop Facewear, designed to look cool on the streets, while you promote your care for our waters and the animals within it.  Spy-Hopping is when a whale comes out of the water, with its eye just above the waterline, allowing it to see what is out there "above the water."  When you wear one of our cool ocean masks, your eyes sit above the mask, so you can see your surroundings, like a whale Spy-Hopping.  All profits from our sales of SpyHop Facewear masks goes to our work at Ocean Recovery Alliance in protecting the ocean, and reducing plastic pollution.


By using reusable facemasks, you greatly reduce the amount of waste that would be created otherwise, with disposable masks, and the packages they come in.  Get rid of that guilty feeling you might have if you use and throw away disposable masks every day, save money along the way, and, tell your friends about the cool Spy-Hopping experience you are having behind these cool ocean masks.  Designed by Haz Hashim for Ocean Recovery Alliance.  Both our SpyHop Facewear and Plastically Impossible jigsaw puzzles can be purchased on our Ocean Recovery Alliance Shopify Site.

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We're also proud to be supporting the Hong Kong Shark Foundation via the sale of our SpyHop Facewear masks.  9% of the available profits from SpyHop sales will go to save the sharks, because Sharks Don't Have 9 Lives.  Sharks are the most important link in the ocean's food chain and ecosystem, and are the only ocean animal to have lived through five extinctions. 


Their biggest threat in history, is now humans, mainly due to their quest for the use of shark's fins for soup (the meat is not eaten), which is merely a show of wealth and face, and actually has nothing to do with proported health benefits.  With the sharks gone, the ocean will be gone, as there will be nothing to regulate the health and balance of others species.  


Look Cool on the Street, and have a Story to tell about your SpyHop Experience for the Ocean.....

SpyHop Facewear Packages:  All proceeds go towards our work for the ocean and plastic pollution reduction.

Packs of 4 (All of the same design), shipped in a reusable cloth bag:                                       US$50.00 (HK$ 390.00)

Packs of 8 (with 4 styles, and 2 masks of each style), shipped in a reusable cloth bag:              US$95.00 (HK$ 740.00)

SpyHop Youth Masks (same prices above, less 10%). 

Both our SpyHop Facewear and Plastically Impossible jigsaw puzzles can be purchased on our Ocean Recovery Alliance Shopify Site. and don't forget that 9% goes to the HK Shark Foundation along the way. 

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All masks are reusable and and washable with soap/water, or in a washing machine, with over 80 uses per mask, saving you a lot of money, avoiding at least another 160 pieces of plastic waste in the environment (assuming each disposable mask is packed in a separate plastic bag), and this doesn't include the boxes they come in.  Each has a foldable internal nose piece for a great SpyHop fit just below your eyes (the waterline). 


Note: SpyHop Facewear is not claiming to be medical-grade in terms of being able to block inward bacteria or pollution.  The wearing of masks in many countries, however, has been proven to make a big, positive difference, along with proper hygiene and hand washing, in decreasing the spread of germs and disease with the "outward" bound spread of contamination (coughing, sneezing and even speaking), much like a whale's spout.  So, by wearing SpyHop Facewear, or other types of masks, you are protecting the community around you.  A good example of how germs can spread can be seen on this recent black-light test at a buffet, courtesy of CNN.  

Ferness:  I represent the beauty that humans usually overlook, whether on a bluff overlooking the sea, or in your own neighborhood.

Floristika:  I represent the sharp and beautiful – just like our ocean twins, the coral.

Blue Fin:  I represent the misconception your have about sharks! As predators, sharks play a vital role in the health of marine ecosystem, and keeping a critical balance in the food chain.  I also actually don’t like the taste of humans.

Oceanic Smile:  I represent the protection of the ocean, like my good friend the Lion King.  We hope you can join us in bringing the ocean back to the thriving state it once was.

Butterfly Breeze:  I represent the colors of flight, just like coral at night.  When my wings flap, it creates a small wind which might be felt around the world, just like that of a ripple in the ocean, in the same way that your good ideas for ocean appreciation can propagate. 

Desert Sea:  I represent the wild agriculture, sometimes found even near the sea, whereby we might look dangerous, but if you give a close look we can be pretty cool looking too!

Club Ocean:  I represent the ocean ecosystem. Our club consists of seahorses, starfish, clams, coral and clean water.

Laughing Jaw:  I represent the smiles we all have when swimming around happily, without being hunted, in the clean sea.

Atlantic Knight:  I represent the soldiers of the ocean. Similarly to the horses on land, we’re proud of our ocean pastures.

Blue Star:  I represent the fact ocean animals come in all different shapes and sizes!

Forest Glow:  I represent hidden beauty deep inside the forest. Though it’s dark and unreachable, much of the waters coming from our forest eventual reaches the sea.

Islet:  I represent the ocean’s habitat. We live hand in hand with fish and other organism in the ocean, all of which help support our lives on land.

Paradiso:  I represent the colors of the sky, which often change to the eye, depending where I'm from, and my tropical surroundings.  I squak when I see danger, and flap my wings to celebrate the greatness that the ocean symbolizes.  

Tropicana: I represent the blues and greens of the ocean, whether under water, or on the coastlines, cliffs and surrounding rain forests.  The sky, sea, and me, as I am Tropicana.

Leaflet: I represent the growth of our forests, budding with new flowers, pollen, greenery and beauty.  Our thriving forest also bring life to our waters, making sure that there are nutrients for all species to energize from.

Budgie: I represent the animals of color who use their magical patterns to camoflauge themselves from predators, while also bringine “awe” to their environment with their glorious colors which shine with every flap of the wing.

Golden Feather: I represent the eyes that watch over the horizon, making sure danger doesn’t lurk in the sea afar, or the forest and grasslands near.  My counterpart in protecting our animal friends is the octopus.  How can you go wrong with all of our eyes and arms!

SpyHop: I am the king of the ocean, and represent the power, beauty, quiet and stewardship of the ocean that we hope everyone can become inspired from.

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