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The Next Step in Corporate Sustainability: Valuing Plastic

By Doug Woodring

- Published on September 16, 2014 by Wharton Journal

Plastic is one of the most useful and important materials in modern society. Without the vast range of products and technologies it enables, life would be difficult. Yet the environmental impacts of plastic cannot be ignored. Conc…

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WEBINAR: Valuing Plastics: The Business Case for Measuring, Managing and Disclosing Plastic Use in Consumer Goods

By Sustainable Brands Staff

- Published on July 4, 2014 by Sustainable Brands

SB COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR -- For your convenience we will be running this webinar at two different times:  1) Oceania, Asia and Eastern EMEA Wed 9 July 2014 07:00 UTC 3am New York / 8am London / 3pm Hong Kong 2) Americas and Wes…

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UNEP Report Discloses the Business Risks of Plastic Use

By Gina-Marie Cheeseman

- Published on June 27, 2014 by Triple Pundit

Plastic is used in everything from electronic devices, including computers and smartphones, to food packaging. However, plastic also has a big impact on the environment. There is a mass of garbage in the Pacific Ocean off the Cal…

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UNEP Report Discloses the Business Risks of Plastic Use
微塑料令人担忧,塑料垃圾每年给海洋生态系统造成130亿美元的经济损失: Micro Plastics worrying, plastic garbage causes $13 billion in economic losses to marine ecosystems annualy

By Renren staff

- Published on June 24, 2014 by Ren Ren

2014年6月23日,内罗毕——首届联合国环境大会开幕式当天发布的两份报告指出,海洋里大量的塑料垃圾日益威胁到海洋生物的生存,保守估计每年给海洋生态系统造成的经济损失高达130亿美元。 联合国环境规划署(以下简称"环境署")第11版年鉴回顾了过去十年报告关注的十大紧迫环境问题,包括海洋里的塑料垃圾。《环境署2014年年鉴》更新了每一个问题并提供了行动选择,报告研究的领域还包括:氮元素过多的环境影响、空气污染、民间科学和海洋水产养殖。 June 23, …

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