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Content Release Schedule

Welcome to the Westbound Rower Educational Program

Click on one of the language tabs in the upper right corner to see each week's new Education Program, based on the schedule of topics, in English, Chinese and Spanish - and, the first expedition in the world to ever have ongoing education, tri-lingually!   Get engaged, sit back enjoy, learn, and spread the word.  You're part of history!

Monthly Cycles and Rotation of Content in the Westbound Rower Educational Program

The multilingual education program ORA and Erden will produce covers five main topics, all of which will be related to Erden's expedition across the Pacific and then to finish off the Six Summit Project. One of the objectives Erden Eruc set for this expedition is to raise awareness and promote ocean conservation and plastic pollution during his Westbound Row.


Our education material will be on four topics: Sport and Fitness; Humans and the Environment; Expedition Planning; Oceanography; and Marine Science. We plan to cycle these five topics weekly, throughout the 11-month duration of Erden's Pacific crossing to build a loyal following. We have broken down the four main topics further into subtropics and will dive deeper into each topic as we move forward. Our online learning materials will be published on our core Ocean Recovery Alliance website as well as a dedicated platform purely for Erden's Westbound Row in a series of ArcGIS Storymaps to enhance the interactive learning experience. In the case of interesting and situational events during Erden's crossing, we may change the content release schedule to push the content being made by Erden out at sea.


For a short background on who we are, Ocean Recovery Alliance was established in early 2010, mainly as a result of the connection between sports and the environment.  Douglas Woodring, the organization’s founder, is a competitive swimmer, organizer of some of the largest open water swimming races in Asia, a competitive outrigger canoe paddler, and was recently inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.   Ryan Cheung is also a top surfski paddler in Hong Kong and was previously on the Hong Kong team for K1 racing.  So, our background is about enjoyment and exciting use of the ocean, which we all want to keep clean and healthy, where wildlife thrives, without the plastic.

Ocean Recovery Alliance was also one if the first non-profit organizations in the world to work on global plastic pollution issues which was not based in the West.  It’s main office is Hong Kong, with 501c3 status in the U.S., and is focused on creating innovative solutions and collaborations to improve the health of the ocean. Its network of organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly related to plastic sustainability and circularity, but also dedicated to broad ocean governance and new thought leadership, and helps to create engaged and active dialogue where gaps often occur due to between entities that often do not have a history of working with one another. The group creates purposefully designed activities to educate, build awareness and provide solutions which inspire positive societal change at the community, national and international levels.


In 2018, Mr. Woodring, was awarded the prestigious 2018 Prince Albert Prize for Innovative Philanthropy for the programs he has developed, and global leadership on plastic pollution issues. Two of the group’s international programs were launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, the Global Alert platform which allows people to report trash hotspots, anywhere in the world’s waters, and the Plastic Disclosure Project, which is similar to that of carbon and water reporting for companies, institutions and municipalities.   He is also a United Nations Environment (UNEP) Climate Hero for his efforts to help the health of the ocean, and a Google Earth Hero for bringing innovative video tracking/mapping technology on their 2009 expedition to the North Pacific Gyre.


We hope you can get onboard this incredible journey we are just starting across the Pacific Ocean with Erden, and we’re sure you’ll learn and experience some pretty interesting things along the way!


Help Support Eden's adventure, to his causes, and our Ocean Recovery Alliance created education program which will follow along on his GO FUND ME SITE.  

Content Release Schedule

Week Number


2 and 3
































Upon Erden’s Arrival to Hong Kong

Future Expeditions for Erden


What are Plastics? What's going on with plastics?

Ocean rowing

The 5 Oceans vs the 1 Ocean discussion

How does plastic pollution enter the ocean?

Where do the plastic in the ocean end up?

Ocean Currents and Ocean Gyres

Energy and Water Production at Sea

How Do Plastic Break Down?

Plastic Sorption of Chemicals

Climate System and the Ocean

Watching for Weather and Dodging Storms

Greenhouse Effect and the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Taking a Short Break - Just Like Erden

Making Repairs and Doing Science

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification Effects on Corals and Crustaceans



Navigating Ocean Currents

Animal Encounters

The Global Shark Trade

Beaked Whales

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Catching up with the first person to row into 2022

Approaches to Sustainability

Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches for the Plastic Crisis

Course Corrections and some Unfortunate News

Global Alert Tool and Data

How does the GPS tracking work?

Invasive Species

Sea Level Rise

Innovative Solutions to Sea Level rise

Erden's Whereabouts and Whale Sharks


Spider Web Story

Six Summits Project

“Dare to try” in Exploration

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