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Build Effective Public-Private Alliances

Here’s how environmental leader Doug Woodring builds and maintains alliances between community organizations, business and government to create change.

Ocean Recovery Alliance started in 2010 with the aim of bringing together people and ideas in new ways to help improve our ocean environment. We address overfishing and pollution.  Marine litter is our main area of expertise, but we also work on other aspects of improved ocean health as well.   It is a complex problem which starts upstream in all of our communities. If litter is allowed to flow into the ocean, plastic pollution becomes a “tragedy of the commons,” where no one is the “owner.” Yet we all pay the price from an unhealthy ocean. While everyone can agree that an estimated 4 to 8 metric tons a year of plastic pollution entering the ocean is a huge problem, no single entity is responsible for it.  Creating alliances between communities, businesses and governments has beenan inspiring and effective way to address the problem, which can even scale in much larger ways as alliances grow to really focus on this topic.


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