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  • doug2684

Environmental Engagement Drives the Conditions for Long-Term Economic Growth…and Brand Survival

The environmental revolution is coming, and it is the biggest factor of hope that most companies have to engage, differentiate, survive, and thrive in a resource-constrained world.

We often forget that the economy is a 100% subsidiary of the environment, and that this relationship dictates the health of our economy. Our actions seem to suggest otherwise, however, with much of our global consumption coming at the expense of the environment, and a lack of perceived need to keep our “planetary bank” intact. Our quest for economic growth, and increasing globalization, has allowed resource extraction and production to move across borders where natural assets were more abundant, and manufacturing costs cheaper. Now with growing populations, there are more of us wanting to consume yet the environmental assets in the “planetary bank” are no longer so easily available to harness in such quantities. Yes, many companies have access to the natural capital that still exists, but the “interest income” which used to come from the environmental assets that surround us has been plundered, paved or penetrated beyond the ability to yield what nature had intended.


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