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Global Alert - An App for Ocean Recovery

Are you passionate about ocean recovery and fighting pollution? The Ocean Recovery Alliance has launched the Global Alert App that lets you instantly report and upload trash hotspots in or near your waters. Here’s how this incredible innovation works.

The Floating Trash Crisis

Have you ever walked past a river riddled with plastic bottles, grocery bags, and other countless objects that don’t belong there? Have you ever gone for a seaside stroll and marveled at the majestic wonders of nature only to stumble across a heap of rubbish left behind after a lagoon picnic? Those of you who are familiar with this will know that it’s a very disturbing sight.

This so-called floating trash is a massive issue, in particular because so much of it gets washed into rivers and oceans. According to Ocean Recovery Alliance, about 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. EIGHT MILLION. That is roughly the same as having 5 garbage bags of trash for every foot of coastline around the world – all 217,000 miles of it!


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