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Kin Hong Seafood Festival Launch

The second KIN HONG Seafood Festival aims to inspire change within the F&B industry in Hong Kong by encouraging restaurants to choose sustainable, and therefore healthy, seafood. Through raising public awareness and providing sustainable options, the festival helps consumers Choose Right Today.

Our ocean is under severe pressure from overfishing and pollution. Consumers can play a role in addressing these issues by eating seafood that is responsibly sourced and sustainable. Supported by ADM Capital Foundation, The KIN HONG Seafood Festival is organised by Ocean Recovery Alliance in collaboration with Foodie. ‘KIN HONG’ means healthy. For seafood to be sustainable it must be traceable, and caught from managed stocks or farmed without causing harm to the environment and without the use of chemicals. As such it is a healthy choice.

Thanks to the Grand Hyatt for their support for the press event and the incredible food sampling as well, via Chief Chef, Gerhard Passrugger and his team.

Introduction from Matthew Dolan, Head Chef of Twenty Five Lusk in San Francisco, and author of the sustainable seafood cookbook - "Simply Fish"


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