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Listen Paris 2015

A new, bright chapter for Paris and the environment was created by a number of NGOs, including Earth to Paris, Greenpeace and Go100Percent. It was also timed to be part of the finale of the Listen Paris event. Photo credits to Yann Arthus-Bertrand and John Quigley/Spectral Q. The sound track created for the event can still be listened to at Beatport's special site for Listen Paris.

LISTEN Paris 2015 was created to bring a new global audience together who is not always reached, or listened to, for environmental causes, all joined by music. LISTEN Paris was timed for the Paris COP21 Climate Change Talks, with the objective to show solidarity to Paris, while reminding the world leaders that the global community is listening, and watching, the climate negotiations. Through our collective mobilization via music on December 5th and 6th , and the aerial art image to support 100% renewable energy, a message was sent to the negotiators of a desire for aggressive and innovative improvements on the environment. Music from the event is still available on our partner's site, Beatport, which you can continue to enjoy. #ListenParis2015.

HOW TO BE INVOLVED: Tune in to our special #ListenParis2015 channel on Beatport, so that all of us are listening to the same global beat. You can find out where to join a Silent Disco near you by clicking here, or you can create your own event anywhere in the world, by clicking here for our how-to-organize guide. It’s easy, and once you set a location and time, your unique countdown clock will start, and you can spread the word for your event in your community. The beauty of a silent disco is that everyone can use their own headphones and smartphones, and not bother the public with amplified music.

Our collaborators include #EarthToParis and Earth Hour’s “Tweet Your Leader” campaign. Join us by participating in a local LISTEN Silent Disco, creating your own event, or simply listening along with the rest of the world. Please make sure your social media posts include these hashtags, from now and through the 12th of December.

Click here for your "LIST-TEN" Ways to Help to Improve the Enviroment in your daily lives, whether you live in a city, or in a rural setting.

Click here in CHINESE for your "LIST-TEN" Ways to Help the Environment.

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A huge thanks to our partners as well: Spectral Q, BeatPort, Silent Disco Squad, Earth to Paris, Unify, Dancing Without Borders, Bella Gaia, Earth Hour, Echo, Go100Percent, and many more to come.

Thank you for dancing for a sustainable future!


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