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Ocean Recovery Alliance and Let’s Do It Philippines Collaborate to Clean the Philippines by Sending

August 31, 2015, Hong Kong/Manila – Each year, an estimated 11 billion pounds (approximately 5 metric tons) of plastic enters the ocean, 80% of which starts out on land, according to The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Floating trash has no geographic or political boundaries, so solutions must involve scalable international collaboration, yet be local in scope and reach. On September 20th, 2015, The Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4COM), the national convener for the “Let´s Do It Philippines” movement, will be partnering with Ocean Recovery Alliance and its powerful online trash mapping tool called Global ( This mobile application for the mapping of trash hotspots which contribute to water and ocean pollution, will be a big asset to the volunteers who are part of the Let’s Do It Philippines Clean Up Campaign.


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