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Plastic Disclosure Project Wants to Measure Your Plastic Footprint

We’re all very familiar with the concept of a carbon footprint, but have you ever thought about your plastic footprint? Well, the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) wants us to start. And considering the detrimental effects that plastic has on the environment, it’s high time we took our plastic consumption more seriously. The PDP estimates that a whopping 90 percent of all plastic is not recycled, and 7 million tons of that winds up in our oceans every single year. When plastic reaches the ocean, it does not biodegrade or breakdown, but instead forms giant floating masses of garbage, with the largest one currently twice the size of Texas. The PDP wants to curb this problem by working with companies and corporations to asses their plastic footprints by examining how much they and their suppliers use, reduce, and recycle.


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