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Plasticity 2013 Hong Kong Serves up Sustainable Plastic Solutions

As of 2013, 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces were covered with some form of floating plastic trash. The statistics are sobering, but a growing number of companies and organizations including Ocean Recovery Alliance are eyeing solutions to the burgeoning plastic waste issue.

Innovative solutions to manage plastic waste, both pre and post consumption will specially be showcased on June 6th at Plasticity Hong Kong, in a big discussion on plastic and innovation in this sector.

Plasticity Hong Kong is a full one-day conference designed to inspire, excite, and help move the world to follow the innovative leaders who use plastic in new ways. This event follows on from the successful launch at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and showcasesh help not only to build brand value, but which help to reduce the impact that plastic has on the environment. This conference fuels a re-imagining of the future of plastics through a program of keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions, where many leading players of the “plastics puzzle” are brought together under one roof. Attendees of the forum come from wide-ranging sectors, including textiles, retailers, manufacturers, recyclers, design and packaging, waste-to-fuel companies, bio-plastic producers and government policy makers.

“The brands that will win will be the ones which admit that the communities they serve have a problem with plastic waste; which take the lead in making improvements; and which are part of that solution”, stresses Doug Woodring, event organizer and co-founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance.


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