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  • doug2684

The Problem with Hong Kong's Live Reef Fish Imports

Despite the small size of Hong Kong, it plays a crucial role in the international economy as a trade hub. Hong Kong International Airport and container port are among the most easily accessible, making them among the busiest in the world. This in part due to the city's ‘free trade’ policy, making it all the more appealing as a commercial centre serving the Asia-Pacific region and Mainland China.

Hong Kong’s huge demand for live fish is becoming a very real problem for the city. Having decimated its own supply, Hong Kong now relies on importing 90 per cent of all seafood eaten here, but the necessary sanctions are not yet in place on these imports meaning the vast majority of all LRFF (live reef food fish - apologies for the awkward acronym, that's the international phrasing) goes largely unchecked. Read more here >>


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