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  • upenkumar

Vast Opportunities to Circulate Plastic

Thosse who lead the market with bring-back programs, “enlightened procurement”, reverse supply-chains and home “collection” programs will be well suited to inspire, recruit and engage communities.”— Doug Woodring - Founder, Plasticity ForumSYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, October 23, 2017 / -- Globally, across media channels and in every boardroom, ‘disruptive’ business models and technology dominate strategic and economic discussions. Like other populist waves, most business media and corporates have focused on short-term successes of the moment at the expense of investigating and investing in the future. The resulting short-term-ism has, among many things, shunned one of the most pressing issues facing humanity, and therefore business, which is in relation to the waste we create, and in particular, that of plastic.


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