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Water Network Interview with Ocean Recovery Alliance

Two of our global programs that are focused on plastic pollution are the Plastic Disclosure Project which is like that of carbon reporting, and the ​Global Alert Platform which allows for community reporting of trash hot-spots in waterways and coastlines around the world. They are both programs that we hope to see used around the world, as they do not require bans, taxes or legislative changes to work. They ​can make a big ​difference once ​people focus on ​the plastic pollution issue.​ ​Unfortunately, this topic is still not a high priority in many places, ​like that of ​climate change.......​but things are ​changing, and ​more people are ​becoming aware ​of the link ​between trash, ​pollution, ​water quality, ​tourism, health,​ and the ​ecosystem. ​

Plastic pollution used to be ​more of a ​“poor ​community’​s” ​problem, but as ​the world gets ​smaller, these ​issues are ​impacting all ​of us, in ​greater ways.​........


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