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SpyHop Facewear


Celebrate the ocean with our new SpyHop Facewear (click to see all styles), seen here in the South China Morning Post, designed to look cool on the streets, while you promote your care for our waters and the animals within it.  Spy-hopping is when a whale comes out of the water, with its eye just above the waterline, allowing it to see what is out there "above the water."  When you wear one of our cool ocean masks, your eyes sit above the mask, so you can see your surroundings, like a whale spyhopping.  Profits from the sale of SpyHop Facewear masks goes to our work at Ocean Recovery Alliance in protecting the ocean, and reducing plastic pollution.  By using reusable facemasks, you greatly reduce the amount of waste that would be created otherwise, with disposable masks, and the packages they come in.  Get rid of that guilty feeling you might have if you use and throw away disposable masks every day, save money along the way, and, tell your friends about the cool SpyHopping experience you are having behind these cool ocean masks.

Both our SpyHop Facewear and Plastically Impossible jigsaw puzzles can be purchased on our Ocean Recovery Alliance Shopify Site.   

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