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Ongoing Programs

In addition to our international projects, Ocean Recovery Alliance runs a number of local initiatives in Hong Kong and the Pacific Region to help educate and spread awareness of the issues that impact our Ocean, and where we can make a difference in our communities.

Some of our ongoing projects include:

Water Falling and Rising Festivals.png

 Water Falling and Rising

Kids Ocean Day.png

Kids Ocean Day

Water Margin.png

Water Margin


Grate Art 

Marine Litter.png

Marine Litter

HK Rugby Sevens Recycling.png

HK Rugby Sevens Recycling

Expedition Updates.png

Expedition Updates



Valuing Plastic.png

Valuing Plastic

Waste as a Resource (Infographic) Bottom Part Cropped 2021.jpg

Waste to Worth

WestBound Rower.png

WestBound Rower

​Kitesurfing In Ocean.png

Kitesurfing In Ocean

Plastic Offset Program.png

Plastic Offset Program

Global Bottle Deposit.png

Global Bottle Deposit 

Debris Tracker.png

Debris Tracker

Educational Junk.png

Educational Junk

Ocean in Motion Film.png

Ocean in Motion Film

Oceanic Big 5.png

Oceanic Big 5

MAD About the Ocean.png

 MAD About the Ocean

Uncle Roo.png

Uncle Roo

Plastic to Fuel Report.png

Plastic to Fuel Report

Art for Awareness.png

Art for Awareness

Tsunami Debris Tracking.png

Tsunami Debris Tracking

king hong.png

 Kin Hong Seafood Festival

Chinese White Dolphin.png

Chinese White Dolphin

Grate Art in Chinese.png

Grate Art in Chinese

Sea Grass Hope Spot.png

Sea Grass Hope Spot 

Jockey Club Water Caretakers.png

Jockey Club Water Caretakers

Coffee, Tea and Ocean Lovers.png

Coffee, Tea and Ocean Lovers


SpyHop Facewear

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